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Recovery Run – Jamba Qualifier

Today we did another Jamba Qualifier run. This is a loop we use to see who is capable of running a few miles without walking. It is a 3.5 mile loop. I give them a very generous 43 minutes to finish it and “qualify.”  Now, of course, the top runners finish it in 20 something minutes, so they need more. Their reward for being fitter and faster is to get to run longer. Some of the runners add an additional 1.5 mile loop.

Me, I ran the 3.5 very easy, then stopped to take the names and times of the finishers.

There were a few revelations regarding the team along the way.  3 of my 6th grade boys were so far ahead of me, I never saw them until they completed their extra loop. 4 or 5 of the 7th grade boys were with me or ahead of me as well. I had a tall new 8th grade boy show up for his first workout today. He kept up with the leaders for a couple miles and hung close the rest of the way. He will be interesting to watch!

Three of the 6th grade girls were ahead of me for 2 and a half miles or so. I am a little less certain on the strength of the girls team, but I am seeing some positives here as well!

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  1. With three 6th grade boys running that well, once again you are going to have a very strong boys team for the next few years. I am interested to hear how this new 8th grade boys develops. You do an incredible job of motivating and coaching the kids at Hillview! Keep up the great job!

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