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Mostly Strength Training

Today the Hillview team did what I call the divide and conquer workout.  The name is more a reference between the relationship between the runners and the coaches than it is a reference to what I had the athletes do. We four coaches divided the team into four groups. The four groups take their turns getting tortured (er, I mean getting trained) by each of us. The four groups were: 8th grade boys, 7th grade boys, 7th and 8th grade girls, and the 6th graders. Coach Andrews (Christian) took his turn having them do form drills on the basketball courts. Coach Byass (Godfrey) had the athletes do our ab-killers routine. Couch Anderson (Janet) got on her bike and supervised a mile and a half run.  I had each group do my “Rock Set” routine.

The rock set consists of a series of 30s runs followed by groups of 3 exercises. I recall doing this last year, doing the set 4 times with the kids and perhaps injuring myself in the process. So today, I ran with them and got them started on exercise but did not do the full 30s.

Next I headed over to VPT for some more strength work. Once again, I did my 5 times 1 minute on the ski erg machine. As I did my first rep I felt like I was struggling a little more than usual. I was surprised when I finished at 262.  (I think- I left my post it on the machine.) What I recall for sure was that the five reps totaled a new PR of 1300. I added lots of jumping, some kettlebell lifts, and of course the long haul inchworm.

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