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Hillview Hill crew

I have been rethinking my training plan this week. I have been attempting to do long intervals on Thursday morning with Karl. But these intervals occur only 35 hours after the Tuesday night workouts with the High Desert Runners. At the same time I have really been focusing on doing shorter faster stuff on Tuesday nights. Tuesday a week ago, we did my sweet 16 set of form drills. This included 16 70m sprints. On Thursday morning my glutes were still fatigued. I was not happy with my workout. So, I decided I needed to switch my Threshold or Tempo workout to Friday or even Saturday morning. It would be better for me to run long on Sunday with little recovery from a Tempo run than it would be for me to attempt my Tempo run on fatigued legs.

So, this morning I made Hillview do a tempo workout. We had a morning practice so that the team would be free to go to a dance after school. We ran from Hillview down 45th st to Ave N for a warm up. Then I set my watch timer for 3:30 repeats. We started with a 3:30 interval up the hill back toward ave N8. The leaders were instructed to stop at N8 if they got there before time was up. At 3:30 I had just arrived. 6 or 8 had beat me there. I blew my whistle and the rest of the team proceeded to walk up the hill to the corner. At 3:30 we headed up N8 to 50th west. Once again at 3:30 I was just arriving. This time only Herschel and Andrew were there ahead of me. 2 or 3 others were right with me. During our 3:30 break we crossed 50th and then we ran hard up to 55th. For the 3rd time I just barely made it. The same two were there before me and the others were falling a little back.

During this 3:30 recovery we split the team. Some were going so slow that they were not making it the full half mile in the 7 minutes given. Those not at the corner when it was time to start the forth interval were send back down the hill to return to Hillview. This gave them a good head start and ensured we would not be waiting for them later. I gave Christian instructions, on the last interval which proceeded up the hill further into the houses at the top of 55th west. The instructions were if anyone were to stop running during the 30s interval they had to immediately turn and start heading back. Funny thing, Christian told me later was that this turned out to be quite the motivation. A couple started to walk and when Christian tried to turn them around they found new determination and he allowed them to continue for the 3 minutes and 30s.

Herschel made it all the way to the top with 20s or so to spare. Andrew was at the top right at 3:30 and I was just getting to the cul de sac. I blew the whistle and everyone turned around and started back wherever they were. There were still a bunch, though that were right behind me.

I was happy with my workout: 4 time half a mile @ 7:00 pace while gaining about 300 feet in elevation! 3:30 for a half is about as fast as I was going last Thursday on the track!

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