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And I thought I did hill training yesterday……

Yesterday I ran 4 nice tempo intervals uphill near Hillview. I was thinking to myself I did some good hillwork.  But then this morning I ran some HILLS. I met Karl, Clay and a young lady (forgot her name) at the Lake Hughes Community Center for a trial run of the Leona Valley Trail Races Half Marathon course. We headed up the hill and Karl pretty quickly left us. The first 2.8 were pretty steep and all up. Then we went down to a saddle area and headed west on the Pacific Crest Trail. This part was pretty nice for awhile. It was somewhat wooded and not to steep, mostly going gently downhill. Then it dropped steeply down.

Clay was having problems with arrhythmia as we started the PCT section so I ran on ahead. Around 6.25 miles I saw Karl on his way back. Not being exactly sure where the official half marathon turnaround would be, I decided to turn when my Garmin said 6.5. The first 2 miles going back up were pretty slow going. Then I got to run through the nice section and then back up and down to Lake Hughes. All it all I was pleased with the run. It took 2:06 almost exactly split between going out and coming back.

Here is a link to further details on my Training Peaks log.

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  1. Dale, I turned around at 6.5 as well but the actual turnaround point is at 6.7 miles at the very bottom in a clearing where an aid station can more easily be set up. I know what you are thinking, that means the half marathon is actually 13.4 miles. You are correct. It works better for aid stations for the race to be a little long. The 10k is actually 6.8 miles! The marathon course is 26.6 I think. Close enough.

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