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Recovery Run and some Time Trials!

Monday – Just an easy 3.5 mile Jamba Qualifier loop.  I am starting to get excited about what I see from the team. A number of them are looking pretty good!  We have a group of 6th grade boys who have caught my eye. At least 5 of them look very fast! We will see on Thursday at our first race!

Today – My team did some intervals, but I rested for the evening HDR workout. I had advertised on our Facebook page that we would do a 1 mile time trial. We did an extended warm up and got right to it.

Clay came along took the above picture.  From left to right: Leo, Kyra, Claire, Jessica, Elisa, Michelle, Terry, Alexis, Kathy, Me, Andrew and Karl.  Clay and Miguel timed it for us. Clay also videoed the trial. When he posts the video I will link to it here.  Tonight the weather was pleasantly cool, but way to windy for PR attempts. Still, I had a go of it. I had a good first quarter = 1:27.  This is probably one of the best quarters I have had! It was probably too fast, though for the mile attempt. Starting the second lap going into the corner the wind seemed to stand me up. The second lap was way slower, I passed Clay at 3:06. (1:39)  The next two were 1:40 each – 4:46 and 6:26.

Here are everyone’s results on the time trial:
Andrew Mitchell 5:35 (1:15,2:47,4:19)
Karl Stutelberg 5:38 (1:24,2:53,4:19)
Dale Lister 6:26 (1:27, 3:06,4:46)
Terry Solis 7:03 (1:40, 3:28, 5:22)

Jessica Harper 7:32 (1:53, 3:49,5:46)

Kathy Diorio 7:39 (1:45,3:41,5:40)
Elisa Espita 7:40 (1:54 3:53, 5:53)
Michelle Newman 7:50 (1:49,3:51,5:53)
Kyra Sundance 7:55 (1:52,3:52,5:57)
Claire Durand 8:45 (2:12, 4:24, 6:3?)
Leo Adorador 10:12 (2:28, 5:00,7:39)

We jogged a bit and added a half mile trial to our evening.  I wasn’t any faster: 3:07 says that the 93536 area code had 21 mph winds with gusts to 31.  Ouch.

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