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Hill reps

Last week I did some Hill reps with my team on Friday morning. This week, Friday was not going to work. We were scheduled to run to Jamba Juice Friday (today.)  So, Thursday I met Clay to run up some hills with him. This is the same workout we did a year or more ago. Looking back in my blog I found this post, which was  probably the last time I ran this workout..

Some interesting comparisons:

PR 9/13/2012 10/28/2010 10/14/2010
55th West L8 to M 4:08 3:56 3:51
55th West M to M8 3:57 4:02 4:19 3:57
Manzanita Ave r1 3:20 3:38 3:36 3:23
Manzanita Ave r2 3:26 3:20
Manzanita Up r1 3:32 3:41
Manzanita Up r2 3:32

It turns out, last time I was doing this workout, was October 2010!  October 2010 was when I was on the top of my game! That is when I ran the 10 miler in Huntington Beach in 1:08:14. October 2010 was right before I ran a half marathon in 1:31:27!  This would be meaningful only if I were now capable of doing the workout as quick as I had then. The 4:02 on the big 55th west hill is only a few seconds off of the PR. And I was not really trying to run a PR on it. I was also already a bit sore from the workout the evening before. ….

Very interesting……

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  1. Sure, why not! For the next few weeks, Thursday is the only day I will be available in the morning. Quite a few of our runners double up on the volleyball team which is starting practice after school So, we are offering practice either before OR after school till the season ends. Except on Thursdays – our race days!

  2. I always enjoy comparing previous results with current on the same course. I am looking forward to seeing what you can run at the Surf City 10 miler and the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon.

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