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Hillview’s First XC Meet of 2012

Well……. The boys are probably better than ever.  Herschel took off from the beginning and built a big lead. Only Andrew Mitchell was half way close – about 6 or 7 seconds back at a mile.  (Both Hillview runners.)  Desert Christian’s Joseph Biel was running 3td and then it seemed that every other runner or so after that was from Hillview….. It turns out we ran 1, 2, 4, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20…. We had a nice mix of 7th and 6th graders well up in the race.  6th grader Adam DeShields was 8th. I was a bit surprised as the boys came in at the finish. I had not seen the leaders for half a mile, and Andrew came in well ahead of Herschel. Andrew ran the 3K course in 10:40.6  – Under 6 minutes per mile on a HOT hilly dirt Pelona Vista course – wow!

The girls on the other hand suffered their first local defeat in years. They did not win first place, or even second. Joe Walker looked nice and strong with a good group of 7th grade girls. Sacred Heart was a solid second place and we were 3rd. Our top girl was not on for some reason. Our number two girl ran pretty well finishing in 6th place.  The big surprise was little 6th grade Natalie, who trained with me last spring as a 5th grader. She placed 9th overall and was our number two runner in the race! Looking ahead, our 7th grade girls team has a tough challenge. Sacred Heart is not in our league but most of Joe Walkers top finishers were 7th graders. Our top 7th grader was in 37th place (a good sprinter who has not worked out the endurance yet – she may be REALLY good though in another month.) The 8th grade team will do fine in a race that is seperated by grade level (our championship race) and our 6th graders are looking promising.

Here are the results:

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Today I “rewarded” the team by letting them run to Jamba Juice (in the 90s)  4.5 miles and then we totally overwhelm the little store with a whole slew of runners!  No wonder Jamba is so willing to give me free smoothies at my races…..

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