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New and improved torture from Clay

Wednesday I headed off to Clay’s for a workout.

You may have read about his workout on his blog the other day.  He had me start with an inchworm across the gym and back, followed by 15 val slides on each leg – then again – then again. He said I should finish in 6 minutes. It took me 7:10.  The last inch worm got me. I got a couple of minutes to recover than I started with the ski erg machine. the last couple of weeks I have done 1 minute intervals with 1 minute rest. Well, I did the interval, but instead of 1 minute rest I had to do 10 “scap ret on DMX”, that is what Clay called in on his blog. Here is the translation: Sort of a pull up at a 45 degree angle with the feet on the floor. Next it was 10 “half” push ups. It was a good thing they were “half” push ups. With my hands placed so close together.  I finished the  pull ups and push ups with about 5 seconds to spare. Then I started the next ski erg.  My numbers on the ski erg reps were not so good.

After 4 reps on the ski erg, with 3 intervening push pull ups I headed back to the gym for part 3 of the torture. 50 steps onto a box on top of a box. I whipped through about 25 and then started thinking “uh oh”  I was really feeling the burn on the last 10. That was immediately followed by “Eventuallys on one of the treatment tables. (He called it a plinth in his blog.) An Eventually is an exercise where you lie on your back. your feet and hands go up in the air sort of like a dead bug. The, without using hands or feet you wiggle yourself sideways. Next was two sets of band walks and monster walks. Then 50 step ups on the other leg and another “Eventually.”

For Extra Credit I had 10 minutes to pull Clay back and forth across the parking lot 3 times.

Next day, and today, the glutes are a little sore. Everything else – fine.

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