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Grass Mountain Trail Run

Or as Clay calls it “Over Hills, over Dale…”  or something like that…..

Clay and I met at the Leona Valley Community Center once again this Saturday. The first 3 + miles of the run were the same steep climb with a quarter mile descent to a pacific crest trail and country dirt road intersection. I heard Clay call it the T, but well, the roads T, but at the same T there is also a trail crossing, so it is more like an Asterisk.  From the intersection we headed east on the dirt road to another intersection where we chose the pacific crest trail. We caught Kyra on the dirt road just as we got to the trail. Clay let Kyra and I have a head start heading up the trail. Thanks to Clay for taking and posting the pictures….

I especially enjoyed this section of the trail. It did not seem to steep and I felt like I was in a pretty good rhythm. We reached another dirt road which we used for our final ascent to the top of the mountain. Clay easily ran this last part faster than me. At the top we paused for a much needed water break.

 weird note: Clay and I managed to choose the same tank top to wear to this run….

Then I managed to extend my rest a bit by pretending to be interested in the local flaura:

Well, actually, I did find it interesting to find a few pine trees on the top of this mountain, that seemed misnamed with the moniker “Grass Mountain.”  Sure, there was some brown grass there, but there was brown grass all over the mountains leading up to the top. I did not see any pine trees, though, except those right at the very top of the mountain. Pine trees have particular climatic requirements and they tend to become more prevalent as elevation increases. So, it seemed that only the very top of the mountain was high enough for them.  But it made me wonder, how the seed for the first one got here.

Here is an elevation profile of the run:

I feel these trail runs and hill intervals are doing some good. At least, I know that they are putting a positive stress on my body. Last week, I ended up quite sore in my right calf and left quad after the trail run. This time the same pattern applies, but not to the same degree.

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