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I like Mondays!

I got to school early for another early morning run! I had the students do my “secret weapon” workout. Maybe I should call it Clay’s secret workout.  We did our long hill repeats! Down to 45th and N to warm up. 4 x 3:30 (or half a mile) up hill. Up 45th to N8. Up N8 to 50th. Up N8 some more to 55th. Up 55th to the top of the road. I ran at a nice moderate pace. Fast enough to stay in contact with the leaders but not hard enough to make the workout more than an easy 4.5 mile day.

Once I got into school, one of the other teachers made a comment asking if it was almost Friday. Maybe it was the endorphin from the run, but I replied “even better!” The others asked incredulously, if I liked Mondays? I said “sure!”

After school I headed over to Clay’s for a workout. I did the same workout as last Wednesday. The first set went a little better in that I was able to do all the exercises. It still took about 7:15. The second set, with the ski erg also went a little better. The distances were 236, 228, 229 and 241. The 3rd set also went well…..

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