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Thursday … another long day….. a good one

First, I met Clay at his house to run his hill workout. We warmed up a bit and then ran the first half mile in 4:06.  We would be running along and Clay would say, “Let’s surge!”  Then he would sprint away and I would desperately try to stay close. Than he would slow down and let me catch up. Then he would do it again…. and again….

Next we started the 2nd rep, the steepest, up 65th from M to M8. Clay and Karl gave me a head start and I ran quickly into the dark. I felt real strong half way up the road. Karl and Clay went blowing by me anyway. Still, I hung in there and PRd the section in 3:53. On the last two sections, I ran 3:31 and 3:26.

The day has been so long that it is now after 10…. I will finish this tomorrow…

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  1. It is my belief that these hill 800’s tax your system much better than a flat 800 and they have less pounding stress. I am planning on building up to 6 of these at a time. One up 65th and 5 on Manzanita.

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