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Long Day continued ….. There are some fast kids in our middle school league!

After school, we had our 2nd XC meet of the season. All the schools gathered at Joe Walker Middle School for a practice meet. Like last week, we only ran two races a boys race and a girls race. Like last week, Hillview dominated the boys race winning with a score of 22. The next closest competitor, Cole had 81. Joe Walker also won the girls race once again. Here are the full results:

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There are some very interesting things here.  In the boys race, both Andrew and Herschel were well in front of the previous course record. The first four finishers yesterday are  now in the top 6 for that course! Andrew ran 10:02 for a 3K course. That is a pace of 5:23 per mile!  It was at least 95 degrees out there! It is a flat course, but curvy and on a variety of surfaces using the fields and sidewalks around Joe Walker.   In the girls race, Joe Walker’s 7th grade phenom Mariah Castillo bested Vanessa Lopez’ course record by 10s. The top 5 girls are now in the top 13 all time on that course. The top 6 were ALL faster than last year’s winner Meg Carter.

I did some analysis of the race by grade level and it looks very good for Hillview. We are definitely the strongest in all the divisions except the 7th grade girls. All 3 levels of boys look very strong. I am eager to see what they can do at Mt. SAC.

After the race I headed over to Clays for a workout. I did not do the same drills as last time. The highlights were a 1000m ski erg in 4:02.5, an inchworm to the ski erg in 1:14, lots of jumping (with the bench up slightly from minimum at 20″ and some kettle bell lifting.

After the workout at Clay’s I headed to the YMCA to for a meeting regarding their Turkey Trot. They would like to negotiate with the HDR for timing and results. Last year there were 700 (according to the director, I remember more like 400.) and they need some help getting the results done.

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  1. Congratulations Hillview! Louie told me that Tyler is really enjoying X-country. I found out that Marcus’s girlfriend’s son is running for Piute. He is also in 7th grade. His name is Dyan Hardy. Unlike Tyler he has never been involved in any sports. Unfortunately for Dyan he does not have you has a coach! Both Marcus and Louie were at the meet. They both told me that it bought back a lot of memories. It’s been almost 20 years since they ran cross country!

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