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Yet another Sunday not so long run

Once again, I met Lance on the aqueduct at 5 am for a run in the dark. Chuck was not there as he ran the Denver Marathon yesterday. I hear he ran about 4:15.  Good Job Chuck!  Lance was scheduled to run 13 with 10 at 8:30 and 3 at marathon pace. I ran the first 10 with him. We finished the 10 a little ahead of schedule at 1:24:00 – 8:24 pace.

For the first time in a few weeks I felt as if I could have continued and ran a few more miles. I do not have the sore right calf and sore left quad that I had after the last two trail runs. Still, I am planning on running some hill repeats tomorrow so I wanted to day to stay withing the realm of “easy.”

I assume that Clay and Karl will pass on the Thursday morning hill workout as we all prepare for next weekend’s trail half marathon. So, I am planning on running something similar with the Hillview team tomorrow.

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  1. Good job on your 10 miler. Glad to hear that you are adjusting well to running 10 miles after your Saturday morning trail run.

    PS…….As I was walking back to the hotel after the marathon the thought came to my mind that I finish one hour behind your last marathon.

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