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My chance to be a legacy runner!

Last year, after the Ojai 2 Ocean marathon, I figured if there was one marathon I wanted to do every year, it was O2O. Last year it sold out in April. I got in right after the Boston Marathon. Fast forward to today –  I got an email from the Los Angeles Marathon people offering a discount to the LA Marathon when registration opens on the 1st. (code – LOYAL2013) Whilst looking into LA, I noticed they had one of those series awards. A Los Angeles / San Franciso challenge.  Looking at San Franciso, I noticed that they had moved the date earlier, mid June.  So then I was thinking, too bad, I kind of have wanted to do San Francisco, but that would be too close to Ojai2Ocean, which was the first week of June.

So then I got to thinking, when exactly will O2O be?  I went to their web site and there was nothing about a 2013 version. Then I remembered they had a facebook page. So I went to the facebook page  and noticed a post from a long time back stating that O2O would be on May 12- Mother’s Day. Hmmm, I clicked around a bit longer and on the Race 360 website (the O2O timing company) I noticed that there was no Ojai2Ocean marathon in May or June.

It was in that moment of confusion that I spotted the legacy runner opportunity. There, on May 12 was the brand new Mountain 2 Beach Marathon.  This is the same race course as O2O, run by the same race director.  I am not sure why the date change and why the name change, but registration is open on the Mountains 3 Beach Marathon web site. They are advertising it as the “Inaugural.” So, yeah, I get a chance to run my favorite marathon as a Legacy Runner!

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