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A PR on a Monday?

Saturday afternoon and evening, after that trail half marathon, I was EXHAUSTED!  I spent my evening fighting a pretty good sinus headache. It was probably a result of  the race. I went to bed early, but I sent Chuck a message not to wait for me in the morning. Instead, I slept in.  Well I slept till 6:30 anyway. I spent the rest of the day worshiping at church and then driving up the hill to visit my parents and play with my granddaughter, who came along.

This morning, I had to get up early and get to Hillview for our typical Monday morning workout. We did our final “secret weapon” workout – the four half mile uphill repeats. I, of course was not ready to really push the pace. I ran it just a little bit fast, but kept it loose and comfortable. On each rep I ended about 50 meters shy of where I had been last week.

The kids, though, they really nailed it! A bunch of the kids made it to the corner on the first rep and the numbers remained strong though the workout. The middle of the pack, where I was running also seemed to be getting MUCH farther up the hill than they had been getting the previous weeks!

In the evening, I headed over to Clay’s for a workout. Being in recovery mode, Clay limited which exercises I could do. He DID say though that I could do the ski erg. A week and a half ago, on the 21st I did a 1000 meter rep on the ski erg machine in 4:02.5.  I really did not think that much about it, but Clay told me that my time was really good. As in better than he or Zac had done. A few days later Clay posted that he had bested me, completing the 1000 meters in 4:02.4.  So I figured I would start out at 4 minute pace and see if was too fatigued to hang on. About half way through it, Clay walked up and discovered what I was up to. 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes went by fairly well. In the 4th minute I was definitely feeling fatigued so I pushed even harder. I did it.  1000 m in 3:58.9!

Thanks Clay, for the shout out on your blog! 

Thanks also, for the cold water, hot water, jet treatment!

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