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XC season is almost over

First, yesterday I ran twice. Early morning easy run with the Hillview team and Early afternoon easy run with the Hillview team. Then I headed over to Clay’s.  I was eager to take a shot at that 1000 meter record.  Monday I set the record at 3:58.9 but then Tuesday Clay broke it at 3:58.2.  I was thinking I could knock another second off….  As soon as I walked in the door one of Clay’s assistants told me that he had a different workout planned for me today…… convenient huh….. 

The  new prescribed work out started with the usual warm up. Then:

  1. A series on the ski erg.  3 short reps all out: 300 meters in 68.5, 200m in 43.7 and 100m in 21.7.
  2. 3 reps of inchworms alternating with 20x Val Slides. I was supposed to time this but I didn’t.
  3. 2 laps each band walks and monster walks
  4. 5 minute ab workout: (Where does he come up with these things?)  Continuous 30s Mountain Climbers (shown below), 30s plank with straight arms, 30s crunchs in dead bug position, then back to mountain climbers, then planks and so on… for 5 MINUTES!
  5. Band Pulls outside. I had 4 minutes to to pull Clay 3 times back and forth across the parking lot.

Today, I took the day off. Well from running anyway.  Today was our final practice meet. We all met over at Amargosa Creek school for a meet. The format for this race was a little different. We had an 8th grade race with boys and girls running together but scoring and placing separately. The Hillview boys won pretty easily. 22 to 62 over 2nd place Cole. My boys placed 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 and 10. Andrew Mitchell was first followed closely by Herschel Smith. The 8th grade girls also won 35 – 45 over Joe Walker. My girls Tyra Florence and Kristine Mendoza were first and second. Our other scorers were 10, 12 and 13. The 7th grade boys kept the streak going with a 30 – 39 win over Joe Walker. Our guys came in 4, 5, 9, 10 and 15.  One boy, Leo was leading for 2/3 of the race and then stopped with side pain and threw up. He did not finish. Of course, the Joe Walker girls dominated the 7th grade girls division. Their girls were 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10. Their phenom leader, Mariah Castillo actually finished ahead of ALL of the boys! Hillview’s girls took 2nd place with individuals in 4th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 23rd.  The Hillview 6th grade boys took up the rivalry once again with a dominating show. Adam DeShields won handily. The rest of the squad took care of business finishing 3rd, 6th, 7th and 8th. The team total was 25 to 59.  Finally, the 6th grade girls came in 2nd to Sacred Heart 30 to 37.  If we could get our 5th girl up another 30s we’d have won that one too.

Well, next Tuesday we will have our league finals.

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