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Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday, the Hillview team did its first ever Mulligan run. We did it at 5:30 pm in support of our school’s lock in night. Hillview, Joe Walker and Del Sur students sold out the place from 7 to 10. Only 25 kids ran with me. I had two of my coaches assist on bicycle and 3 dads came out for the run as well. In order to keep the group together, I made everyone regroup at 30th and again at 10th. When I arrived at 30th I ran back to sweep in the slow guys. From 30th to 10th, for some reason, I was feeling peppy. The leaders took off ahead and then I decided to see if I could catch them. I surged and accelerated and slowly reeled them in. Once I caught them, they responded by staying with me. 4 guys, 1 girl and 1 dad hung in there at sub 7 pace all the way to 10th. Then the dad, Joe Kim and I ran all the way back to 15th to sweep in the back of the pack. All in all, I ran 6 miles on what should have been a 4.5 mile run. 2 miles of it, I am calling “Tempo.”

Saturday, Clay and I met at 7 on the aqeuduct at 60th west. This is the advertised HDR meeting time and place for Saturday group runs. Clay and I are just two of what I imagine will be many AV runners training for the Los Angeles marathon. I would be cool to establish a normal time and place for people to run together. Clay and I are thinking of alternating trail runs and flat runs (and occasional races) on Saturdays. The email I sent out stated that I wanted to do 15 miles. As we headed to the west I found myself going through a couple of my early morning “bad patches.”  Still we hung in there at sub 8:30. At four we headed back. (The plan was to go out and back in both directions.) On the way back we talked ourselves out of going more than 8 miles. As we neared the finish I threw in some sprints. There was no set time or distance, I just ran all out for 30 arm swings. Glancing at my watch I noticed my pace dip into the 5:20s. It occured to me that my sprint speed is about the same as what my top runners, Andrew and Herschel, have been AVERAGING in the cross country races. Wow!

Finally, this morning I got up in the dark predawn hours and headed over to the aqueduct. Chuck, Lance, and Dave were there to meet me. Lance is looking VERY strong. He ran the first 5 just a little faster than Dave and I. He was probably around 40:30. Dave and I ran a comfortable 41:22 (8:16 pace)  Lance’s plan was to speed up for the second 5 miles and then speed up again for a third set. Dave and I waited for Chuck and then started out again.  Our 2nd set of 5 took 41:13 (8:15 pace). Lance was a full half mile ahead of us heading out for his 3rd set. Again, we took our time at the turn around before heading out again. At the far turn around Lance was about 3/4 ahead. I believe his total for all 15 miles was a minute or two under 2 hours! That is a little under 8 min/mile pace!  Go Lance!

As Dave and I headed toward the last turnaround we spotted another runner. It was the same dad who ran with me Friday – Joe Kim. By the time Dave and I turned it looked like he had about a quarter mile on us. I told Dave I was going to try to run the last part “fast.”  My unadvertised goal, if I still felt strong at this point was to throw in a couple of tempo miles at the end of my long run. I took off for a mile in 6:58. I did not feel like I could continue that pace all the way to the finish so I took a half mile to recover and then I hit it again for the final mile. I caught Joe a couple hundred meters before the finish. My last mile was 6:54!

Joe had started at his house near Esperanza and was halfway through his long run of the week.  He stopped and met Chuck, Lance and Dave before continuing his run.

Totals: 29 for 3 days,
This week: 43 miles
Septembers Total: 192.50
2012 year to date: 1724 miles (last year was only 1151 – 2010 was 2200)

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  1. Nice three days! Good job on your finishing tempo miles. Andrew and Herschel’s race pace is amazing when you compare it to your sprint speed. This Friday I am looking forward to seeing how they match up with the other top runners at Mt. Sac.

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