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Workout at Clays

I headed over to Clay’s for a late afternoon workout. After the warm up, Clay suggested I try 500m on the ski erg. He did 149.8 the other day. He told me I would have to do 1:49 pace (the machine reads pace per 500m.) I thought, well…. if I can do 1:59 pace for 4 minutes why not 1:49 or quicker for less than half that time?  I jumped out to a 1:45 pace and felt great. I kept it going for around 300m and my quads died.  I couldn’t even finish the trial.

After a LONG recovery I tried for my 300m record from the other day. This time I made it for around 60s. At that point I couldn’t do any more squats and did the last couple of pulls with just my arms.  I did improve on last weeks 300 with a 66.7. By now I figured I was not going to have any more great ski erg reps.

I headed to the gym to do some inch worms. Clay said he had “invented’ two new versions….. Actually, I bet he and his associates sit around at lunch time thinking of bright ideas. Someone says maybe you could get Dale to try this? Inch worms with stair climbers! Inch worms with the feet doing little circle! Yes!  Dale will do it!!!……

Sorry, I am back now. First I tried the inch worms with my legs going in circles. One of the patients saw me and said that he had never seen anyone do the breast stroke on the floor. Actually, it worked rather well. I was able to scoot across the room fairly quickly this way. Next I tried the stair climbing inchworms. This worked okay too, but by the time I got back I was definitely feeling it. For lap #3 I stuck with some good old “regular” piked inchworms.

Let’s see, I added some one legged hops in multiple directions and some 2 legged hops up onto the adjustable height bed.

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  1. The staff saw you doing eventually s and thought you might be break dancing to the music which is why I chimed in and said you need some more moves than just that.

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