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Champions since 2004!

In the fall of 2004, Hillview established itself as the top middle school cross country team in the Antelope Valley. We have managed to maintain this position for 9 years in a row now!  Today we had our Tri District League Championship Cross Country Meet at Pelona Vista Park! The event featured 8 different races. The first two were for the teams that are not officially part of our league. The private schools: Sacred Heart, St Marys and Pinecrest had a race for themselves. St Mary’s won the boys race and Sacred Heart won the girls.

Then the league races begun. The 8th grade boys went first.  Joseph Biehl from Desert Christian gave Herschel and Andrew a pretty good race this time. At the mile point Joseph was leading but the other two were right behind him. A short while later both boys had passed him for the top two positions. Andrew pulled away winning in 10:27.  Joseph continued to battle Herschel but Herschel took 2nd in 10:40.2. Joseph was 10:40.7.  Andrew’s time is the new course record besting the mark he set last month of 10:40.4.  Hillview’s next runners were Bryce Butler in 5th, Martin Plasencia in 6th, Taylor Stephenson in 8th, Ikenna Achara 9th, David Young in 13th and Kris Vidal in 15th.  That was 8 runners in the top 15!  We knew that Joe Walker would be our competition for the overall award, but this race put them in a serious hole.  Hillview had 19 points, while Joe Walker was 5th with 138.

The next race was the 8th grade girls. Hillview’s Tyra Florence had no competition (the competition was in the 7th grade) and cruised to the championship!  Hillview’s Christine Mendoza was next. Joe Walker’s Ally Eskanazi (who trained with me all summer) was 3rd and Hillview’s Megan Trujillo took 4th!  Adding Leanna Messerly and Megan Domingo in 9th and 10th assured another Hillview win, but Joe Walker was close: 26 to 34.

The 7th grade boys lined up and I looked at the team and thought someone was missing, but I could not figure it out. The race took off and Hillview’s Bryce Webb eventually battled to the front and won it! But right behind him was a boy from Joe Walker, right behind him was Desert Christian’s Kevin Pacheco (whom Desert Christian stole from me. 😉 ) Hillview’s Luis Rocha got  4th but Joe Walker boys were 5th and 6th. Leonardo Oliva was 7th but again, Joe Walker boys weree 9th and 11th. The next two Hillview boys Cade Ruble and James Main were 12 and 13.  Joe Walker took the race 31 to 35.  Afterwards, I figured it out. Our #3 boy Elijah was missing. The others told me he was sick…

As we got ready for the 7th grade girls race I just hoped we did not get beat too badly. Our number one girl was gone on a field trip and Joe Walker has one of those unusually strong teams this year. Sure enough Joe Walker came in 1, 2, 3, 4 then a girl from Cole and my top girls Lauren Heath 6th place and Helena Mahdessian 7th. Joe Walker’s number 5 came in 8th place!  Girls from Endeavor and Cole came by and then finally my next three in 17th, 20th and 21st. When I saw that number 5 was in at 21 I knew we had the overall championship. We could not possibly score more than 100 points in the race and we still had almost all a 123 point advantage, mostly from that 8th grade boys race. The girls only managed a 4th, but fortunately the team championship was won:

1st 2nd 3rd
Hillview Joe Walker Cole
8th Boys 19 138 58
8th Girls 26 34 76
7th Boys 35 31 121
7th Girls 71 18 67
151 221 322

We had our 6th grade boys coming up next and I was excited to see it! Sure enough, I saw Adam Deshields take off and dominate the race. Unfortunately, I did not see how the rest played out as I got sidetracked trying to import times from one of the clocks.  I am sorry I did not get to see a 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 dominating Hillview finish by Adam, Ben Hoeft, Ben Sumner, Thomas Ortega and Noah Boudreau respectively. Cooper Cetti and Jeremy Telezing snuck into the top 15 with 12th and 13th place finishes.   Hillview 18, Valley View 49!

Finally, as it was starting to get cold out, we ran our 6th grade girls race. Our top 6th grade runner, was also away on the field trip and last weeks number 5 was also missing.  I only had 5 girls on the line and was really unsure of how this one would play out. Amargosa Creek’s star easily ran away with it for first place. Girls from Cole, Del  Sur, Desert Christian and another Amargosa Creek came in next and I was thinking, uh oh.  But then here came my girls!  Brooklyn Smith 6th place, Josie Ferria 7th place, Jocelyn Carrillo 9th place, Gillian Carter 11th place and Alyssa Moffat in 13th.  Five girls in the top 15! Sure enough they won the team award 18 to 40.

Overall we won 4 first place team awards, 4 first place individual awards, 1 second place team award and the big overall championship!


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