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Tempo Two by Two plus Two

At 5:20 am or so I met with Karl at Joe Walker / Lane Park. I jogged around a bit as Karl jogged down the hill from his house. At 5:30 we met and started our workout. The plan was 2 x 2 miles. Rather than run 8 laps around the track we did two laps around Joe Walker and Lane Park. We started in the middle of the block on L 12. We ran counter clockwise, on L12, 55th west, L8, 57th west and back to L12.  Each lap was downhill and mostly downwind the first half and uphill and mostly into the wind the second half. Here is how the two reps went:

1st REP: 3:12 + 3:32 + 3:24 + 3:44 = 13:52
2nd REP: 3:11 + 3:34 + 3:21 + 3:29 = 13:35

At the end of the first one I was going through one of my early morning a little bit dizzy spells. I got into the second one and though I didn’t feel much better, the numbers looked pretty good!  (I probably should have had a little more sustenance last evening.)

After school we had our last official practice of our cross country season. It was very cold and windy. We did an easy couple of miles.

Then I headed over to Clay’s for a workout. I did Clay’s latest series of workouts. See this post for the full description….  On the ski erg I did 300 meters in 66.4 seconds, 200 meters in 44.6 and 100 meters in 22.0. No records here.  Next was the inchworms with val slides 3 sets took 8 minutes 43 seconds. I did Clay’s 5 minute ab workout. The interesting part here was the stair climbers. Last time I would do several steps, pause, several steps, etc. Today on the first rep I did 20 straight steps paused and finished the 30s with bursts of two or three. On the second and third reps I did the same. On the fourth and final rep, the last 30s of the 5 minute workout, I blasted straight through the 30 seconds with 30 plus stair climbers.  Finally, Karl helped me with 3 sets of band pulls across the parking lot. It took 3:35.

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