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My plan, for Saturday, for awhile is to alternate trail runs with medium aqueduct runs, with an occasional race thrown in. Today was the day for a trail run. My trail run training partner, Clay, is sick though…..  So, I got to thinking. My wife likes to go to yard sales on Saturday mornings and I have been pretty late getting home from my run of late, leaving little time to take her out. With Clay unavailable, and the weather much cooler now, there was no reason to get up early and go hit a trail alone.

In stead I slept in a bit and then took my wife out for a drive around west Palmdale and west Lancaster checking out yard sales.  I enjoy taking her to yard sales. It is a very relaxing way to spend a morning. I drive and keep track of where we are, and where we have been (not her strong point.) When we stop, I take a very quick look (sometimes without leaving the car) and then read a runners magazine or play on my android until Cheryl is ready to move on. Sometimes I am rewarded by finding a great deal on something useful:

  • brand new camel back pack hydration system – for 25 cents!
  • hammock framework – $5
  • mesh patio table, looks new after a can of spray paint – $3
  • Inverter (holds you upside down by your feet – great for stretching out your back) $10 or was it $20
  • Cheryl finds lots of children’s books and little toys and such she uses in her reading program she teaches at Desert Christian

We concluded the yard sale exploration at about 11 am in the vicinity of 60th west and Ave N. We drove up the aqueduct and Cheryl dropped me off. I ran along the aqueduct on the uphill side for a half mile and then headed up the path to the bunny hill. I ran over the top of the bunny hill and proceeded along this ridge. At one point I came upon a guy standing by one of the old shaded benches. We got to talking and ended up running together further along the ridge. We crossed the unused roadway system and then ran along the opposite ridge until we got to the aqueduct. We went down the path to L12 and down to his car. All I remember is that his name is Ed and he has been running in the Valley for quite a while. We both remember competing in a 10K on these trails many years back. Tippi Hedron was there handing out the medals. I will try to contact him later, we were nicely matched pace wise.  Ed, is the owner of The Rusten House so I should be able to contact him.

After leaving Ed I proceeded through the streets of West Palmdale to Jamba Juice where my lovely wife awarded me by waiting for me. We got a Jamba Juice for a recovery snack/lunch.

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