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Sunday Run

Just an easy 10 this morning with Chuck. We ran the 10 in 1:24:15 for a “just right” 8:26 pace.  We watched Lance take off after 1 mile and get farther and farther ahead. He has become scary fast. Lance ran the 10 well ahead of us and then sped out for two more mile “faster”. He finished the 12th so fast that I heard Chuck tell him that if he went out and ran one more mile in 11 minutes, he would have a half marathon PR!  Wow!!  I remember setting a half marathon PR in practice a couple years ago on the aqueduct. It is fun to be progressing so quickly……   I fear that while I have been focusing on short sprint speed and strength he has done some much tempo work as to have the advantage in next weeks 10 miler.  If so, so be it! Go Lance!  Glad he is not in my age bracket for another year or two….

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  1. Enjoyed running with you. Your easy pace is a good 10 mile workout for me.

    It will be interesting to see how Lance’s aqueduct workouts relate to race results. We all know of runners that do fantastic in workouts and then struggle at races. We will fine out next Sunday!

  2. I think you two should run together for as long as possible pushing each other this weekend. You will both go under 70 min, maybe faster

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