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Hillview set two new MT SAC Course Records!

I did not even realize this until tonight. We had our end of the season Cross Country Awards Night. It was a great time for all who were there. As things were winding down, one of the dad’s pointed out that he noticed that our 8th grade boys total team time was faster than the “record” time published in the Mt SAC program. I figured he must be mistaken, but I promised I would go home, find my program and check it out. HE WAS RIGHT.  The course record for an 8th grade boys team was 1:02:18 set by Spurgeon in 2002. Last Friday, the Hillview 8th grade boys had a team time of 1:01:44.

I figured while I was looking I should check out the 6th grade boys time. According to the program the record is (was) 1:11:32.  Hillview’s 6th graders ran the course in a total team time of 1:06:04…… Wow!  5 minutes?!  Am I reading this right?

Next year Hillview’s name will be in two places in the Mt SAC official program.  That is COOL!!

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  1. Congratulations on the new course records! Breaking a team course record by over 5 minutes is incredible. If you can keep your 6th graders together you could break the 7th grade record next year. Then Hillview would hold all three grade level course records! Great job!

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