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Sweet Sixteen – AKA Form Drills

I am sitting here thinking to myself, “Coach, listen to your own advice.” If I were coaching someone who happened to have similar goals to me, and a similar history to me, and that someone did a 10 mile race on Sunday, followed by a 5K obstacle course race in the sand, than I would tell them to take it easy for at least a few days. In fact, most of the literature I have read suggests 1 day of easy running for every mile you have raced. My own experience, however, shows that to be excessive in some cases.  Still, I plan on listening to myself

TONIGHT. I am not going to participate in tonight’s HDR speed workout. I will just be the coach.

This afternoon, however, I went out with my kids and I ignored myself. I only ran 4 miles, but the workout included my infamous Sweet Sixteed workout. That is 16 form drills. This includes 16 very short sprints. It went okay, but I am feeling a bit dead legged from the races two days ago.

“The kids” are the Hillview Cross Country CLUB members. Our season ended with our race at Mt SAC. So now, kids can come and run with me just for the fun of it. Amazingly, I typically have 20 to 40 kids who still do! I think it was around 40 today.

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