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Two Lister workouts…

Lister’s Lookout Loop and “Follow the Lister” 

Wednesday was our “off campus” run day. So we looped through the houses just south of the Boulders, up to the aqueduct. We headed east to the next little high point above the aqueduct. Typically, each season when we run to one of these little hills the hill is named after the first runner to get there. Last week when we headed to this one, all the fast kids followed Hershel and he chose to stay on the aqueduct rather than run up to the top. So, when I got there I ran up to the top and earned naming rights! This high point along the aqueduct is now officially Lister’s lookout. It was a nice 4 to 5 miler.

Today, we did our first “Follow the Lister” run of the season. I led them up and down and over and around everything, all over Hillview’s campus.  The run even includes some running in the Hallways. Any teacher hanging around campus, trusting enough to leave their door open was fair game for a team loop around the room or a pass through. It was great fun. We wandered down to Rancho Vista Elementary and did some work on their stairs. They also have this little amphitheater with about 6 levels of seats made of concrete. We ran up and down stair step style. Later we hopped up to the top bunny hop style. I think I wore myself out a little bit.

Then I headed over to Clay’s and did a light workout. Well, relatively speaking. It did include 1000 meter on the ski erg in 4:05.1.

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