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Cross Hill Training….

Cross Training #1 – Monday I headed over to do my workout at Clays. After my warm up I tried the 300m, 200m, 100m ski interval once again. I felt pretty strong and smooth through the 300 and finished in 66.0s.  I think this is my record. Then I tried even harder for 200 but finished in 44.1.  If you look at the “per 100” pace I actually slowed down. I think the 1 minute recovery is not quite enough as I began to loose it during the last 20 or so meters. 43.7 is probably my record here. Finally, I really went all out on the 100m – 21.9.  Again, the per 100m pace is essentially identical at all three distances. It would be interesting to reverse the order of the workout…. Clay had me try some very odd variations on the inchworm. I did not use the ab dolly. Instead my hands were on val slides as I tried a couple different methods to scoot myself across the room. The first was fairly easy, but the second was kind of crazy. Clay admitted to making it up then and there…. It was sort of a breast stroke swimming motion for the hands AND the feet while they slide in circular patterns and I work my way forward. I was unable to make it all the way across the room using this method.

Cross Training #2: Today was our annual staff vs student Basketball game. I sat out last year as I felt it unsafe and unwise given my nagging injuries. There are only two other men healthy enough to play though so I joined in this time. During the first lunch we played 3 on 3 and defeated the champion team from the 7th grade. We had quite a size advantage and Mr. Iverson is rather good. I think he played some collegiate ball in Montana. During the 2nd lunch we had to play the winners of the 8th grade tournament. Our size advantage was not so pronounced. They had speed and shooting range on us. Still we played them even till 8 to 8, before the kids scored the final two shots to win 10 to 8. It was very physical and I was pretty tired after the second game. (Not as tired as the other adults looked, though….)

Hills: After school I made the team do MY workout for the day. My plan called for 6 x 2 minutes uphill with jog back recoveries. We jogged down to 45th and N for our warm  up and started our repeats up 45th. I had 40 kids with me of DRASTICALLY different abilities. So, rather than have the stragglers walk UP to the leaders at the conclusion of each interval I had the leaders jog back down. This was we all got in more jogging (rather than standing) and we did not leave any of our slowest runners behind. It also used less hill moving forward and we did not end up so far from the school when we were done. This was a real bonus as the mile cool down is still a bit much for some of the back of the pack. (There are a group of runners whom i only allow to come on Tuesday and Thursday and I design the workout not to lose them. On Wednesday and Friday we take our longer loops and tours of west Palmdale. The kids have to be able to stay reasonably close to me to participate on these days.)

Time start end distance pace B elev E elev climb (ft) % climb
2:00 0.95 1.24 0.29 6:53 2604 2640 36 2.4%
2:00 1.43 1.71 0.28 7:08 2638 2673 35 2.4%
2:00 1.87 2.16 0.29 6:53 2661 2696 35 2.3%
2:00 2.26 2.56 0.3 6:40 2730 2783 53 3.3%
2:00 2.59 2.88 0.29 6:53 2730 2783 53 3.5%
2:00 3.01 3.31 0.3 6:40 2762 2807 45 2.8%

I am feeling a bit fatigued between the three above workouts. So, as I am now heading over to Joe Walker, I am going to coach the workout and not run. These miles were not planned to be fast. I will put in the miles either tomorrow or Saturday.

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