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Found the perfect hill

One of the “little” additions to my program that I have gleaned from Brad Hudson’s program is to add some very short, very steep  uphill sprints at the end of easy runs once or twice a week. My easy runs are typically run with the students at Hillview and there are a number of hill options there which work fairly well. Last Thursday, after our “follow the Lister” run we did runs straight up the hill right outside my classroom door on campus. This worked pretty well. The drawbacks to this hill, however is that it is covered in very thick grass and is sometimes uneven in footing (all of the grassy areas at Hillview are infamous for twisting ankles) and that the hill is not that big. It took me 7 or 8 seconds to get all the way to the top of it.  As the plan progresses I want to be able to extend those hill repeats to 12 to 15 seconds so I need a bigger hill.

Some of my easy runs are done with Lance and Chuck on the aqueduct at Ave S. I have The been thinking about how to do the hill repeats there. Today, I discovered the answer: We ran our usual out and back. At about the 4 1/4 mile mark there is a concrete roadway descending off the aqueduct to provide access to a drainage basin and drainage pipe under the aqueduct. The hill is pretty steep and very smooth. So, at this point on our run, I detoured down the path and did 10 repeats of 10s up the hill. 10s was not enough time to get all the way to the top, so I have some room for improvement. On each rep I went all out up the hill and walked back down.

Chuck and Lance were nice enough to wait for me at the finish…. 🙂

October ends with only 157 miles
September was 192.50. Some of the drop is due to tapering for and recovering from last weeks race.
2012 is up to 1838 miles so it is looking like another 2000 + mile year.
It should be my #2 year

Year Total Miles
2001 1399
2002 1120
2003 352
2004 548
2005 1193
2006 1514
2007 1183
2008 1215
2009 2183
2010 2400
2011 1208

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