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Month: November 2012

Finally a Friday

I ran twice today.  I met Chuck at 5:55 am a Jamba Juice. I left my car there and he drove me to the aqueduct. There, Lance met us and […]

Only 3 this time….

My last post was about 4 workouts in 2 days – Monday and Tuesday. Well, I only did 3 workouts yesterday and today. Wednesday was an easy “recovery” day after […]

Last 4 workouts…

In only two days….. First of all, I am ashamed to admit that I skipped out on a Sunday workout. That is I skipped my LONG run. I forgot to […]

Team Smith

HERE IS THE LATEST JEFF SMITH UPDATE –  (Quoted from a post on facebook.)  Things are looking positive for Jeff right now, some amazing things are happening! Leesa (Jeff’s sister) […]
Team Smith

Update on Jeff

Since I have received a few comments here from those who do not use facebook I figured I should update things. It seems they put Jeff into an artifically induced […]

Double Easy Day

The program I am following calls for an occasional 10 miler in the middle of a week. This is difficult for me to work into my schedule since I have […]

5K Tune Up Workout

Tonight was the weekly High Desert Runners weekly speed workout. It has actually been a few weeks since I have participated. I have coached the workout but for one reason […]

18 miles!

I got up early to meet Chuck and Lance on the aqueduct at 5 am this morning. The temperature was probably around 30 to 32 degrees, but there was no […]