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Half Marathon Day

All my friends, well, a lot of them, ran the Santa Clarita Half Marathon this morning! Congrats to all of you. I did a quick search and spotted the following:  (I hope I have not missed anybody)

  • Lance Close 1:35:08 – HUGE PR – at least 5 minutes!  Congratulations Lance!
  • Joe Kim – 1:43:47 Dad of a couple of my students.
  • Chuck Feiland – 1:47:09 – Very nicely done Chuck!
  • Clay Patten -1:56:15 – fighting hamstring issues of late. I am very glad to see he made a nice “long run” out of it.
  • Scott Zeirman = 1:58:42 – I have not seen Scott in quite a while. He used to come Tuesdays a couple years back…
  • Keith and Laura Giles – 1:51:24 and 2:47:02
  • Jim Pandaya- 2:21:45 – I wonder how many halves he has done this year. I bet it has been 8 or 10.
  • Monica Grado – 2:23:45
  • Janet Dempsey would not settle for just a HALF marathon today. I see she did the full in 5:39:48. Nice Job Janet!

Now, Dave Weary and I did not go to Santa Clarita. We met on the aqueduct for the typical 5 am morning run. Our plan was to do a little more than a half marathon. The plan was to do a 15 mile “fartlek” run. (I got this run from Brad Hudson’s training program.) The prescription was to run 5 miles easy then do 15 repeats of 90 seconds each at 10k to half marathon pace with 90s recovery jogs in between each one. After the 15 repeats you finish the 15 miles at an easy long run pace.

Dave and I took off and settled into a pace that was on the fast side of easy. We finished 5 in 40:35, an 8:07 pace. Now Dave did not want to do the speedwork. He is going to run the Santa Barbara Marathon next Sunday, so he was planning to do a nice medium long run. I told him that if he held steady he would probably end up ahead of me. I figured that he could cruise at an 8 minute pace and I would alternate between 7 and 9 thus ending up even at the end.

I took off on my first interval starting the 2nd 5 mile out and back. I felt smooth and quick. I set my Timex Ironman watch’s timer to beep every 90s. I settled in and waited for the beeps. It beeped just a few strides before I arrived at the quarter mile marker. Of course I realized that I was almost at a 6 min pace here. For my recovery I slowed way down and waited for Dave. I could hear him coming up a little ways back when the timer went off, so I took off again. On the first few repeats Dave was not quite catching me. Then, all of the sudden, on about the fourth rep, Dave comes cruising up in the middle of my recovery. He had picked up his pace so that he’d catch me. Now I was falling a little behind on the recovery and then passing him on the speedy section. One time when he went by he challenged me by stating that my interval would only count if I ended it ahead of him. Interval number 13 was the last quarter of the 2nd 5 mile section. Dave decided to push me a bit and accelerated a little farther ahead. I retaliated a bit and caught him. We finished this section of 5 miles in 36:49, an average pace of 7:22.

I turned and jogged off my 90s recovery before starting interval #14.  I finished 14 and 15 within the 11th mile and then jogged comfortable slow waiting for Dave to catch me. I was actually a bit worried though. Dave, of course was into a marathon pace rhythm and it would not be easy to stay with him at the conclusion of all my speedwork. He caught me and we settled into a reasonably comfortable sub 8 minute pace. The last five took just a tad under 40 minutes.

Here are the splits of the miles before and after the speedy section of the run:

Mile Split Pace
Mile 1 8:10.79
Mile 2 7:56.50
Mile 3 8:09.05
Mile 4 8:05.69
Mile 5 8:13.36
1st five 40:35.39 8:07.08
2nd five 36:49.40 7:21.88
Mile 12 7:59.53
Mile 13 7:49.52
Mile 14 7:37.30
Mile 15 7:54.20
3rd five 39:50.86 7:58.17
Total 1:57:15.65 7:49.04

I really did not have a good feel for how fast I was running during the speedy sections. There was no definite start line or finish line. I would hear the beep of the watch, I would hit the lap button on my Garmin, and I would accelerate to a comfortably hard pace. I would glance mid interval and see my instantaneous speed, but that does not really tell you much. After downloading the Garmin data, I can analyze the data from the 15 splits. The Garmin recorded time and distance for each one:

distance time pace
90s #1 0.23 1:24.23 6:06.22
90s #2 0.22 1:26.35 6:32.50
90s #3 0.23 1:30.47 6:33.35
90s #4 0.22 1:30.25 6:50.23
90s #5 0.22 1:29.73 6:47.86
90s #6 0.22 1:30.93 6:53.32
90s #7 0.23 1:29.85 6:30.65
90s #8 0.22 1:29.58 6:47.18
90s #9 0.23 1:29.90 6:30.87
90s #10 0.22 1:30.21 6:50.05
90s #11 0.23 1:30.45 6:33.26
90s #12 0.22 1:30.10 6:49.55
90s #13 0.24 1:30.75 6:18.13
90s #14 0.22 1:30.60 6:51.82
90s #15 0.23 1:30.29 6:32.57
Total 3.38 22:23.69 6:37.54

This run was actually fun! The intervals and the game of leap frog played with Dave made the time and miles go by very quickly!  I just looked at my plan to see when I get to do this again – not for about 6 or 7 weeks. 😦

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  1. Wow! That is another fantastic workout. I can not wait to see how fast you run at the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon. Great job!

    Thank you for the congrats. I am very please with my 1:47:09.

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