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Clay is creative

But then again, we already knew that.

I headed over to Clay’s office for my Monday evening workout. I warmed up on the bike as usual. While doing so, Clay came up and accused me of taking it easy the last couple of weeks in my workouts. So today,  he came up with some new exercises for me to do. First, 5 repeats of 1 minute on the ski erg: 260, 258, 262, 262, 264 = 1306. Next 40lb clean and jerks – 15 each side. Then I did 4 x 5 22″ jumps. Band Pulls 3x fwd and back ward. Then I jumped onto an 8′ box as many times as I could in a minute – 45 jumps.

Here is one of the more creative parts: Clay had me on a table in a dead bug position. He threw an exercise ball to me. I had to do a crunch and catch it, bring it back over my head, touch it to the wall, and throw it back to Clay. After the throw I had to hold the crunch position until he threw the ball back to me. He did this for awhile straight forward and then he threw the ball in from each side at an angle. To try to build fast twitch responsiveness, he had me start at the end of the room and try to catch a ball on one bounce that he dropped from the ceiling mid room.

Then I did 2 x 15 Val slides. Then Clay got out the big rope and I made waves in it. The grand finale was a game of tug of war.  Clay let me win 1 out of 3.

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