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Ladder Intervals

The workout for the day was intervals of  7 minutes, 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes and 2 minutes. I had to get creative to get the workout in. I was asked to go the district board meeting so I could not go to the HDR track workout. Kathy and Joe Diorio, by the way, agreed to be in charge of that for tonight.  The planned workout includes 21 minutes of speedwork, so this is too much for me to do it with my students. I could have started the intervals with the students and added some more after, but this would put too much recovery in the middle of the workout.

So, I got creative. I got a friend to drive me to work in the morning. I coached my students (coached in this instance means that I did not run with them) through a workout that included 3 x half a mile in the form of Indian runs. I ran their cool down as my warm up. Then I ran home!

On my way home I did my intervals of 7, 5, 4, 3, and 2 minutes.  The roadways, of course are not perfectly flat. The first interval was slightly downhill. The 5 and more than half of the 4 were slightly uphill. The 3 and the 2 were just a tad back down again. Here are the splits from my Garmin:

Interval time distance pace
7min 7:01.92 1.04 6:46.82
5min 5:00.12 0.73 6:51.12
4min 4:02.45 0.59 6:49.25
3min 2:59.73 0.46 6:33.02
2min 2:00.20 0.3 6:39.05

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