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Posterior Pounded

The other day I was praising Clay for his creativity….

Today, I am not so sure….

Starting yesterday, I was experiencing soreness all the way up my backside: My hamstrings, my glutes, and the outer part of my lower back. This soreness made yesterday’s speed work a little more difficult, though I still had a good workout.  This morning, the 2nd day after Clay’s workout, this soreness has peaked (I hope). Getting out of bed and sitting down where a little difficult this morning. As the day went along it has gotten better, but if I sit for awhile I am quite tight when I get up.

I revised my plan which called for doubling up on the easy runs today. Instead I slept a little longer this morning and only did the one run with the kids this afternoon. We did our aquetunnels run. This is an uphill out, downhill back 5 mile run with several stops to regroup and keep the team together.  Other than the fact that it is hilly, it makes a nice easy 5 mile run.

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