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Friday Threshold Run #2

Last week Karl and I met on Friday and I was able to run a 2 mile and 2 x 1 1/2 mile Tempo interval run. The goal pace was 10K pace to half marathon pace. Using my PRs from 2 years ago that would be 6:40 to 7:00. My paces last week were 6:49, 6:34 and 6:41.  I was extremely pleased!  Today, I headed over there again. This time however the plan was for 4 repeats of 1 1/2 mile each. The weather today was colder and windier than last time. Doing laps around Lane Park and Joe Walker had a slight downgrade and down wind section on 2 sides and uphill and into the wind on the other two sides. The worst side, to me was running west on L8. There is very little climb here, but there was a decent headwind.

My planning was not great. For some reason I suggested we start at the corner of L12 and55th. Thus we ran the East side, the North side (headwind), the West side (uphill), the South side, the East side again and the North side again. Intervals 1 and 3 included 2 repeats of the hardest (North) side. Since our first interval ended at the corner of L8 and 57th, we began Interval number 2 there.  This was also bad as it had 2 repeats of the all uphill West side of our loop.

Still the splits were looking good as Karl and I ran these three Intervals together. (Karl left with a half mile to go on the third interval)  After Karl left I pondered my options for interval number 4.  I did not know the exact numbers, but I knew that numbers 1 and 3 had been faster than number 2. I did not relish the idea of ending another interval running up 57th.  Jogging toward the corner of L8 and 57th I came up with an alternative plan. I ran west from there on L12, then south on 60th west, then east on Ave M then north on 55th. This would ensure I got end on a downhill. It was ingenious or so I thought.  It turned out that the climb on L8 and 60th was much longer and taller than the climb on 57th. My pace suffered somewhat on this last interval  Still I averaged under my 7 minutes “Half Marathon Goal Pace” for the 6 miles of intervals.

Interval # Time Pace
1 10:13.4 6:48.9
2 10:28.7 6:59.1
3 10:07.9 6:45.3
4 10:41.7 7:07.8
6 miles 41:31.7 6:55.3

Thanks for the help out there today Karl!

Tomorrow Clay and I are planning on an easy 12 on the trails (I am not sure if trails can every be truly easy.)

Sunday I am planning on the usual 5 am aqueduct start, but I am going to try to squeeze in 18 before heading over to church.

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