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Up in the mountains…

Clay and I met for an “easy” 12.5 mile run up in the mountains this morning. I put quotes on easy, because running uphill is never truly easy.  Maybe I should have put quotes on “met” as well.  I was driving up to the trailhead at exactly 7 am, our designated start time, when I saw Clay and Aurora running up the road. I figured Clay must have wanted to take it really easy to start so I could run and catch him. By the time I parked and got my water bottle carrier strapped on and got my keys in my inner pocket he had several minutes head start on me. I decided to run easy, as this was supposed to be an easy day. I took me a couple of miles to catch up with him. When I did he took this very nice picture.

I like his shadow in the foreground…

This is a good picture showing a funny thing that I do when running. On cold days like today – it was probably in the 30s out there – I will wear thin gloves, arm warmers and maybe a second shirt…. but long pants are almost never needed or even desired.

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