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5K Tune Up Workout

Tonight was the weekly High Desert Runners weekly speed workout. It has actually been a few weeks since I have participated. I have coached the workout but for one reason or another I have not actually run it. Today, I planned on a nice workout to tune up for the YMCA 5K race next week.

The plan was a simple 5 times 4 minutes at 5K pace.  The thing I like about 4 minute intervals is the convenient 1000 meter goal. I know I am having  a real good day if I get to 1000 meters. I can recall exceeding 1000 by just ten or twenty meters a couple of times…..

Leonardo, an 8th grader from Amargosa Creek who has been working out with me 6 or 8 weeks now, led out on the first interval. I fell in behind him. One lap – 93s, two laps 3:11, 1000 meters right at minutes! I walked just a bit and kept jogging for the 3 minute recovery. Interval number 2 went exactly the same. I noted that Luke, another young man was gaining on me at the end.  On interval 3 I noted Leonardo’s quick turnover and matched it: one lap – 91s, two laps 3:08, Luke goes flying by on the backstretch causing Leonardo to quicken his pace further. I tried to stay close and finished 1030 meters in 4 minutes! The close call for Leonardo caused him to start the next interval a little quicker. I was feeling good and loose by now and kept close. Lap 1 – 89s, two laps 3:03, 1040 meters in 4 minutes. Finally, on interval 5: lap 1- 88, two laps 3:02, 1050 meters in 4 minutes.  I totaled 1110 meters in 10 minutes, 6:18 pace!!  Woo Hoo!!

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  1. Plan on running a mile PR around Christmas time. You will be ready! What do you think about sub 20 min 5K on Dec 1st at the Toys for Tots run. I will be ready to pace you to a mile PR but Dec 1st will be too soon for me. Leg is feeling good after faster downhill run today. Will test it with 7 min mile on Thur.

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