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Double not so easy day….

First, I got up before the sun this morning and headed over to 60th West and the Aqueduct. The plan was to do a 6 mile tempo run. This would be 7:00 to 7:10 per mile. Karl had planned to meet me but he overslept. I warmed up for awhile – 2 miles. Then I got to the start line and headed south east. It was a little windy out there, but just a little.      The split on the first half mile was …. okay … 3:33.  I glanced back over my shoulder and saw another head lamp following me. As the next couple miles went by, I was not too thrilled, I was not hitting a 7 min pace. At 2.5 miles I decided to turn back. Shortly after turning Karl ran up and joined me. Somehow, once Karl joined in I found a little more drive. The splits got better. Some of them were under 7 pace. When it was all done, I ended up with 5 miles in 35:44 – a 7:08 pace.

After school, 15 or 20 runners showed up for the Hillview XC Club run. We did the popular “tunnels run” This of course took me back to the same aqueduct / 60th west location where I had been in the morning. This time, though I was able to take the time to detour through the drainage pipes under the aqueduct! One of my girls, after running through the tunnel informed me that she was claustrophobic…… I guess it was not so bad, though. She was smiling, and she had already run through the tunnel.


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