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Fartlek Long Run…. aka Leap Frog Run

This run is only a leap frog run when you are running with just the right friend.   Chuck and Lance met me at 5 once again this morning. We all planned on 5 miles. Chuck and Lance wanted to do most of it at Lance’s marathon goal pace – 7:45.  I had two options for myself. I could do an easy 10-12 followed by a very fast (as close to 7 min/mile pace as possible) finish or I could do an extended version of the fartlek intervals from a couple of weeks ago.  When I got out of the van and discovered that it was VERY windy, I chose the latter.

The 3 of us started off running into the darkness at our easy warm up pace. Chuck and Lance discussed starting their marathon pace miles after 2 but I talked them out of it. I pointed out that every marathon plan I have seen that uses marathon pace runs as part of a longer run maxes out at about 10 marathon pace miles. In fact, in the Brad Hudson book I have been reading and working from lately, the big finale workout is the same 10 mile fast finish run I have been doing the last few years – 10 easy, followed by 10 at marathon pace. So, Lance and Chuck agreed to keep it easy the first 5 miles and then speed up.

A quarter mile before the end of our first out and back I jumped into my fartlek repeats.  My plan was to do 18 repeats of 90s at 10K effort with 90s recovery between each one. Starting a quarter mile early gave me a chance to get to the starting point and get a quick drink without falling too far behind Chuck and Lance as they started their marathon pace miles.  The workout went remarkably similar to when I ran it with Dave Weary a few weeks back. On the first two or three reps, Lance did not quite catch me on my recovery. Then he did and the game of Leap Frog began.  Some of the repeats were very difficult due to the wind. The wind seemed to be coming up from the south, southwest so there were a few parts in the first mile and right after the 2.5 turnaround that were straight into it. Coming back sometimes the wind helped, sometimes it hindered. The last mile coming back my timing could not have been worse. I started a rep a little before the mile marker and had to fight the wind through crazy corner. When I came out of the corner and had a big tail wind, the rep was up and I was in recovery mode. As I curved again to the right and back into the headwind it was time to go fast through the half mile marker. Once again the path took me to my left to enjoy a tailwind, but it was time for a recovery. I did repeat number 14 on the final quarter going back to the start line. Once again heading somewhat to the south and having to fight the headwind. I took a drink before heading back out one more time. Lance passed me and opened a pretty good gap using the tailwind pulling away from the line. As the path headed east it was time to accelerate but now the head wind was horrendous! Well, anyway, you get the idea.  For about 5 or 6 repeats in a row I had the “good fortune” of getting extra Antelope Valley Resistance Training” while trying to go fast only to have the more favorable conditions during my recovery. It took me my last 4 repeats, the final one after the mile mark and finally with a bit of a tailwind, to catch Lance.  I Leap Frogged once again and he caught me during the recovery. Afterwards we settled into a pace right around 8 min per mile which was pretty good, fighting the wind. A mile and half out, I backed off and went into recovery mode. Lance kept on the throttle and pulled quite a ways ahead of me.

Here is an overview of the run based on the three 5 mile out and backs:

Split Pace
1st 5 miles 41:33.0 8:18.6
2nd 5 miles 39:06.0 7:49.2
3rd 5 miles 40:57.0 8:11.4
TOTAL 2:01:36 8:06.4

Here is the data from the 18 repeats of 90s each.  To accomplish this I set my Timex to beep every 90s. When I heard it beep I would hit the split on my Garmin and I would accelerate up to speed. When it beeped again I would hit the Garmin and slow down. So, the exact time of each repeat was not exactly 90s….

18 splits Distance Time Pace
1 0.25 1:41.0 6:44.0
2 0.21 1:30.3 7:09.9
3 0.21 1:29.9 7:08.1
4 0.22 1:30.5 6:51.3
5 0.21 1:29.8 7:07.5
6 0.22 1:30.7 6:52.2
7 0.21 1:29.6 7:06.7
8 0.21 1:30.1 7:09.2
9 0.21 1:30.3 7:10.0
10 0.22 1:29.9 6:48.4
11 0.21 1:30.6 7:11.3
12 0.22 1:31.1 6:54.0
13 0.21 1:30.0 7:08.7
14 0.21 1:30.8 7:12.3
15 0.21 1:30.9 7:12.7
16 0.21 1:30.1 7:08.8
17 0.2 1:30.2 7:31.1
18 0.21 1:30.0 7:08.7
TOTAL 3.85 27:15.6 7:04.8

Miles today – 15
Miles this week – 57
Miles this month – 152
Miles in 2012 – 1990

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  1. Lance and you both benefited from having each other out there this morning. The wind made it especially difficult. Alternating 90 sec. fartleks with 90 sec. recoveries is a very tough workout. Great job!

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