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Update on Jeff

Since I have received a few comments here from those who do not use facebook I figured I should update things. It seems they put Jeff into an artifically induced coma and will end it tonight. This is the facebook post from Jeff’s wife Jennie “They have begun to warm Jeff back up. Around midnight they will stop the meds and we will see if he wakes up. Keep praying”

The local running community is eager to do something. I know I am. I pray and that is the most important thing I can do at a time like this. But, I want to do more. I made a personalized card online and sent it on its way. I hope it will not be too long in getting there. They, the family, are in Provo Utah during this ordeal. Kristy Howell posted this: “Send cards to this address 1034 north 500 west provo Utah 84604. Rm 223 ICU. His heart is pumping at 20%. The family needs support big time”  She also posted this link to send electronic email greetings.

Justin Pantanan, John Johnstone and others are posting about a “Run for Jeff” tomorrow morning. Here is Justin’s post: High Desert Runners, just passing along that there will be a group run for Jeff Smith tomorrow at Highland High School at 8:00AM. A light run, some food and juice and a chance for us to sent out positive thoughts to the Smith family. Anyone is welcome to join us, current runners, past runners, local runners or anyone in general…

I am going to try to make that run, the thing is, I am scheduled to meet my students for a run at the same time….

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