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4 for recovery, 11 easy on the trails

After Thursdays race, I allowed myself an easy 4 mile recovery day. It would have been 5, but I was late to the aqueduct. Lance and Chuck took off without me. As I got to the two mile mark I could see them turning around at the 2.5 turnaround. So, I decided to stop and wait and keep everything even.  Then I saw a big bush so I crouched behind it and let them run by. A few steps after passing Chuck noticed me out of the corner of his eye.  I think I startled him….  I was going to let them go and then catch them from behind.

Today, I met the HDR LA Marathon training group for a run in the hills behind Highland. We did the same route over the Bunny Hill and down to 60th.  This time Dave Weary was there so the two of us got ahead. We took a few breaks to let Steve Henrich stay close. Coming down from the Bunny Hill we spotted a familiar running form, well make that two familiar running forms. One was a man and the other was a white fuzzy dog.  Clay and Aurora had started at 60th. Unfortunately, Clay’s timing was bad. He encountered us just as we entered a section I call the gulch. The gulch is a fast, technical, steep, curvy, downhill section that I love to run with my kids. I cannot resist letting gravity do its thing. I got to the bottom and Dave was not too far behind. Steve came along within a minute but I could not see Clay. I was not even sure if he followed. We headed to the bridge, got some water, ran about a half mile farther and then started back. Clay was coming back to us on the aqueduct and he turned to run with us. We ran back up the Bunny Hill together. At the top, Clay parted company with us as he had to return to 60th. We, of course had to run all the way back to Highland. The run totaled a bit over 11 miles.

I am at 28 miles for the week.

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