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Last 4 workouts…

In only two days…..

First of all, I am ashamed to admit that I skipped out on a Sunday workout. That is I skipped my LONG run. I forgot to set my alarm, but happened to wake up right at 4:40. I texted Chuck my apology realizing that there was no way I could make it there by 5. I figured I would just go run after church instead. Well, THAT never happened.

Monday I did set my alarm and I got up and met Chuck and Lance on the aqueduct for an easy 5. I did add my 10 x 10s hill sprints on the ramp out by the 1 mile mark. Monday afternoon I headed over to Clays. I warmed up extra long on the bike. I got side tracked reading an article about two paraplegics getting ready to row in the special olympics. Clay had me do 500m on the ski erg and it went better than my other ski ergs of the last few weeks – probably because I was so well rested. Still, no PR.  Other than that I did an assortement of the usual inchworms, band walks, jumps, and 30 lb one arm clean and jerks.

Today, I slept in, on purpose and waited till the afternoon to run with my kids. I had a nice crowd show up. I treated them to my infamous Sweet 16 form drills workout. This includes a mile warm up and a mile cool down. The meat of the workout is a series of 16 drills. The students and I do each drill the width of 3 basketball courts with the added challenge of ramping up a few feet of elevation between each one. After we do the drill for the 3 courts we jog back easily, turn and sprint up the 3 courts. Then we walk back to recover. We do this same pattern: drill, jog, sprint, and walk for each of the 16 drills.  Here are the 16 drills:

Quick Skips
High Knee Skips (A skips)
High Knee Skips with a kick (B Skips)
Long Skips

Butt Kickers
High Knees
Hops – 20 right foot, 20 left foot, 20 both feet

Karaoke facing one way
Karaoke facing the other
Karaoke with high knees one way
Karaoke with high knees the other

Sideways jumping jacks
Sideways jumping jacks facing the other way
Backwards running
Backwards skipping

It is a pretty grueling workout.

By 6pm, however I was over at Joe Walker for the HDR workout. I had a treat in that Jared Gregory-Grimes, my former Hillview runner (and current Quartz Hill varsity runner) showed up. He brought along Lizzie Grief. It was nice to have some speed out there in front!  My plan, for my own training was to do a big workout. I planned 5 x 2000m which is 5 times 1 1/4 miles or 5 laps on the track. The plan was for only 90s of recovery. This would be way to much for the usual Tuesday night crowd but I came up with a great way to make it work. I figured the 5 laps would take me 8:30 which would be a really long interval and even 3 of them would add up to too much speed work, plus they typically get more like 3 minutes recovery. So this is what I did.

I did 5 x 8:30 (or 5 laps) while they did 3 x 7 minutes. After their 7 minutes they got a 3 minute recovery. After my 8:30 I got 90s. So, we got to recover together and start each new on together. A few of the runners pushed themselves and did 4.  Leonardo, arrived late and only did part of the first so I sort of made him do #4. This was a big help because he ended up just a few meters ahead of me most of the evening.  Of course, for #5 I was on my own.  My cautiously optimistic goal was to do the 5 reps at 10K PR pace of around 6:40.  Well… I nailed it!! I noted my split at the end of a mile each time and of course my split at the end of the 1 1/4 interval:

mile 2000 m pace
1 6:42 8:24 6:43
2 6:38 8:18 6:38
3 6:37 8:18 6:38
4 6:36 8:17 6:38
5 6:33 8:13 6:34
TOTAL 41:30 6:38

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good couple of days of training!  Tomorrow – two easy runs…..

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