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Only 3 this time….

My last post was about 4 workouts in 2 days – Monday and Tuesday. Well, I only did 3 workouts yesterday and today. Wednesday was an easy “recovery” day after Tuesday’s killer 10K Interval workout.  I got up and met Chuck and Lance for an easy fiver on the aqueduct.

This morning it was time to get serious again. Lately, my second hard workout would be done on Friday, but Karl needed to run today so I headed over to Joe Walker to meet him there. I parked and ran a lap around the school / park to warm up. Half way around the park I spotted a familiar form running at me. It was not Karl, it was Tiffany. She turned around and ran with me for a bit. We met Karl after a bit and got ready to get into the workout. Tiffany, headed off to do whatever it is she had planned to do.

Karl and I started at 57th and L12 and started clockwise loops around the she school and park. There was some wind. It was not terribly bad, but it seemed to be coming straight from the south. So, the steepest uphill leg of the loop was also headed straight into the wind. The miles went by in 6:59, 6:59, 7:01, 7:02, and 6:52.  These are the splits from the Garmin. My splits from the Timex going on the “block” as a mile were slower on 1 -4 but faster on 5.  I should admit here that Karl and I decided not to climb the uphill a 5th time. On the last lap, I just continued North of 55th to L.  Clay was out there with us also. He first appeared as we completed lap #1. He turned before we got to him and pace where I was able to gain only very slowly. On the uphill part he seemed to back off some and I got by. The next time I came around to the base of the uphill I saw him head off ahead of me. Again, little by litte I gained. It was a lap and a half, I think before I did. This was just before I headed off to finish.

After school I headed over to Clay’s office for a strength workout. I saw Clay’s post about his workout this morning so I figured I would do the same. I started with 5 x 1 minute on the ski erg in: 260, 258, 254, 256, and 252 (I think, I left my paper on the counter.)  Then in 12 minutes and 46 seconds I did: 20 TRX, 20 Ball Slams, 2 laps inch worm, 2 laps sideways band walk, 2 laps monster walk, 20 Val Slides per leg, 20 pushups and 20 overhead lifts with a 30 pound weight. I might have been a bit faster, but Karl kept talking to me…. this is NOT a complaint 🙂  ….. just a convenient excuse.  After all this I got out an excercise ball and did some bridges with leg lifts and ball rolls, with feet on ball/shoulders on the table. I also did some with shoulders on the ball/feet on floor

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