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Finally a Friday

I ran twice today.  I met Chuck at 5:55 am a Jamba Juice. I left my car there and he drove me to the aqueduct. There, Lance met us and the 3 of us headed out on our usual run. It was one of those CRAZY windy days. We had to be careful going around crazy corner. In fact, Lance was in the middle and I was on the leeward side. I was holding my position on the edge of the cement while the wind was blowing Chuck and him toward me. He started to sense the squeeze, I guess, so he dropped back and around Chuck.  At the turn around I left them and headed down the path to Elizebeth Lake Rd. From there I did my usual run to Hillview (which has become unusual this year.) The wind seemed to die down quite a bit, or maybe it was just good to be sheltered by civilization.

After school about a dozen kids, and Joe Kim ran with me from Hillview to Jamba Juice. I was all set to use one of the gift cards given me, but alas it was not to be. One of the dads asked what my favorite was at the beginning of the run. He was standing there with my Strawberry Nirvana when I arrived.  That was awfully nice. Thanks Mr. Oliva!

Together the runs totaled 11 miles.  Tomorrow I rest.  This is a good thing as I am feeling very twingy today.  I know when I push myself to the edge because my right side can still get twingy for a day or so afterward. Well, it was a little twingy Wednesday after Tuesday’s great run. Wednesday it remained. Thursday’s Tempo has helped it along. Today, if I sit for long my right hamstring and or adductor are twingy for the first few steps or few minutes after getting back up. Once they loosen up they are fine…. Oh, as long as I am whining I think the core work yesterday gave me a stiff neck…..

Oh, tonight was the last night to register for Mountain2Beach at the early bird price. I went ahead and did it.  I AM IN! I wonder how much quicker than 3:15 I could be?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the price increase for the Mountain2Beach Marathon. Lance is signed up with the goal of running a fast Boston qualifier. Both of you can count on me to be out on the course for support.

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