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Hillview dominates the Toys 4 Tots 5K

Let’s see….

The winner was Fritz Vienne, older brother of one of my Hillview runners- Jason. Fritz, btw, helps out at Highland.  Caleb Shroeder was 2nd.  3rd place, breaking the 20 min barrier for the first time was 7th grader Leo Oliva – 19:58!  Next was Hillview 7th grader Cade Ruble, followed by his dad Eric. Right behind Eric Hillview 6th grader Ben Sumner.  After a couple other runners we had 6th grader Derek Rodriguez and 8th grader Taylor Stephenson, followed by the mom of Cade – Kristy Ruble. A little farther back, placing 2nd in her age group we had Hillview 7th grader Gabby Castro.

So, Hillview runners, with a little help from their families had a VERY strong showing out there today. The weather, btw, was perfect. I was all bundled up to help with the timing and the results, but it was a beautiful peaceful morning.

As for the work of timing, it went without a hitch this time. There were no bandits and only one young lady crossed the line twice. We implemented a new procedure though, that saved us. We had a volunteer next to Cheryl with a bib red pen. She put a red slash across the bib number once Cheryl wrote down the number. When this one lady came back through, with her friend, Cheryl noticed the slash and marked her order sheet with an “unknown” or extra runner. Once we got the times imported we simply deleted her.

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