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They say that it is ________________ just before the dawn….

Of course the expression should be completed with the word, darkest. But I have found that when it comes to running on the aqueduct the missing word would be windiest.  Once again, I met Chuck and Lance for a predawn run. The moon was shining brightly so I left my headlamp in the van. I had heard the wind at my home when preparing for the run so I headed out with some trepidation. But, I saw a quote from Bill Bowerman yesterday which forced me out there: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only soft people.”

As we started the run, the wind was much less than expected. Chuck and I said so, and then we were quickly ‘corrected’  The Crazy corner was as crazy as usual out there. The first time back and the 2nd time out seemed to be the worst. On our 2nd return trip Eric Dombrowski showed up and joined in. I noted that when we passed crazy corner, on this our final trip, as the sun was just about to begin peaking over the horizon, the wind was gone!

Oh well, It was just an easy 10 miler this morning.  Oh, the “twinges” I complained about Friday have subsided. On those occasions when they flare up, they typically go away the 2nd day.  The sore neck, however got achier and achier yesterday. This morning it was substantially better. It was not a bother on the run, but when I try to turn my head to see where I am driving….

Clay appeared to have a nice run today with his dog Aurora.  Check out the video on his blog….

November ended Friday and I failed to look at my monthly totals. So here goes:

Today 10
This Week 53 miles
November 223 miles
2012 total = 2071

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