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A shiny new PR! oh, and a nice sharpening Workout

This evening I headed over to Joe Walker for the Tuesday Night speed workout.  We had a pretty good turnout. There was probably 12 to 15 of us out there. It was very cool but not windy – a nice evening overall. The workout was the same as last week. That is, it was the same for the group as last week: 3 times 7 minutes. This time I joined them. My goal was to do 1 mile in each of the 7 minute segments. On the first rep, I did exactly that. On the second I found myself getting ahead. I tried to relax and keep myself in a not all out 2:2 breathing pattern. I finished the mile in 6:54. On rep #3 it was 6:49, still without pushing.  Once again, I am very pleased with the workout.

I can now move my head side to side again, but I still feel it way up high in the neck on either side….

So, what was that about a PR?  Checking back in my records, my lowest recorded weight, which I always do FIRST thing in the morning was 162.4 and that was recorded in May of this year. Shortly after this “low” I went on a cruise and extended vacation and let it creep up to the upper 160s. Lately I have been focusing on inching it downward.

Today I weighed in at 162.0!


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  1. 6:49 as a 3rd mile in 3×1 mile with all under 7 min in a 2:2 breathing pattern means you are going to rock this week end. Just keep a 2:2 breathing pattern through 10-12 miles before getting to the last 5K then you can pick up the breathing and cruise in with a 21 min last 5K.

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