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Lonely 18

Lance and Chuck ran at 5 am this morning.  The forecast was for some pretty heavy winds. So I figured I would wait till after church.

Clay, Lauren, Dave and Dawn are ran in the mountains this morning.  Clay posted here…  I saw the invite but I could not go without skipping church.  And if I were to skip church without advance planning, they would all be looking at each other at the beginning service instead of singing praises.  (I am the worship leader.)

After church I stepped outside and it was beautiful and peacefully still!  I was thinking YES!!  Waiting is going to pay off!  So I headed home, got changed and headed out the door by about 11:30.  Something happened during those 30 minutes, or maybe it was the difference in location. But the forecast wind was there!  My plan was to run 18 miles and meet my wife at the thrift store on 10th west on Lancaster. Normally I would do some loop making my way to the Sierra Hwy Bike Path, but I realized that if I did that I would have to end my run with a very tough mile running westward into the wind. I wanted to get the hard part over early. So I headed toward Hillview. I zig zagged…… a lot.  Running to Hillview along Rancho Vista is about 5.5 miles. I got there in 9.5 miles today. Once there I was able to work my way north and east to my meeting point. I was feeling pretty tired by the time I finished, but I accomplished my goal – 18 miles.

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