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Two for Tuesday

(I wonder how many times I have posted using this title?)

Today I got in a couple of good workouts. First my Hillview kids and I did the Sweet 16 workout.  I am noticing some definite improvement in some of the drills For example, one drill is to hop on one foot 20 times, then the other foot 20 times, then both feet together 20 times. Rather than going a specific distance they are to see how far they get during this hopping. Well I normally get 2 to 2 1/2 basketball courts (widths), but today I was one hop short of making it across all 3 courts!

This evening I headed over to Joe Walker for the High Desert Runners workout. First, let me say…. IT WAS COLD!!!  and IT WAS WINDY!!!  The weather kept some of the runenrs home. All we had were myself, Koz, Michelle, Kyra, Claire, Joe and Kathy. It was so cold that after we finished we looked up and could see what appeared to be snow flurries in the blowing around illuminated by the big field lights. They were not, however, noticeable so much coming down. The workout was 7 minutes, followed by 8 x 90s out and backs.  During the 7 minutes I finished a mile with about 20 seconds to spare. Without the kids, Leonardo and Luke, I was out in the lead. Koz was right behind me.

On the 90s runs, we alternated counterclockwise with clockwise. So they became sort of like out and backs. This was the challenge was to make it back to the start line each every other rep. The first rep was probably my fastest quarter that I can recall. I finished it in 85 s and had to run 5 s past the lap! I was a few strides short of making it all the way back. Koz ran most of the workout right behind me. He even surged to beat me on #3. By the time we got to #7 though he dropped back and ran with Michelle.  Michelle made my day when I overheard her say to Koz about me, “He’s a grandpa!”  I heard Koz reply that he felt like a Grandpa….

#7 was the only one that fell short of the quarter…. but I dug in and found a way to make #8 a full quarter to finish it. I don’t have exact totals, but I probably averaged just over 400m each 90s!

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