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The good and the bad…

I love posting reports when I have had a huge day at a race or a killer workout…..

But, well when the workout does not go so well, that needs to be reported too…..

But first, some catchup – last post was a really good workout on Tuesday. Wednesday, I did a simple run to Vince’s with the kids. Then I ate too much pizza. On Thursday, I was going to do a couple miles with the kids, but I had an early staff party to go to and i did not want to get all sweaty. So, no run, no workout at Clay’s, then I ate too much tacos, snacks and such. Uh, oh, I am detecting a theme here…..

Friday I had a big tempo workout planned and Karl agreed to meet me at 5:30 on the aqueduct to run it. The plan was 2 repeats of 3 miles each at Tempo pace. We warmed up a mile and noticed two things. It was very cold (low 20s, but it could have been even colder according to one report) and very dark. There was no moon and we were up above the town on the aqueduct. When we started off on our first rep, Karl quickly got ahead of me. I quickly began to struggle. Instead of hitting the lap button on my garmin, I hit the stop button. I rectified this by hitting go at the 1/4 mile mark (someone has this area of the aqueduct marked as well.) I am annoyed with myself though because, well I am really (way too much) into watching the numbers while I am training. As the next half mile goes by, I try to get into a nice rhythm. But I feel like I am in a daze. The extra effort has increased my breathing which is fogging up my glasses, and like I said, it was REALLY dark. Karl has pulled away and my headlamp is illuminating just a little of the path ahead of me. I think that there was a sensory deprivation thing going on, in that I was unable to visually cue anything about my pace relative to my surroundings. The watched beeped a 4:04 half mile split and my frustration grew higher. (I was shooting for 3:30) Karl was now completely out of sight. After another quarter or half I just stopped in frustration.

I was feeling fine, no leg pains or aches. I just could not seem to run like I wanted too.

I stood there a moment and thought of running back to the van. No, I will continue the run, easily. I ran out to the 2 1/4 mark and I figured if I went much further one of two things would happen. Karl would see me coming and wait, thus making him wait way too long at the turnaround. Or, he would head back and I would end up finishing 10 minutes after he did. So, I turned around and hoped he would not wait too long for me. He saw no light coming at the turn around so he headed right back. I timed it well because he caught me with about 100m to go.

The other factor, which could even been the most dominate problem with the morning was the excess of food. I had noticed a bloated uncomfortable feeling from the very beginning of the warm up. By the time I got back I was needing to find a restroom….. aaargghhh.

Today, I rested. Well, actually I went to Marie Kerr park and assisted in the management of a race. I was responsible for getting the timing and results correct.  We had one little error which sidetracked us for 15 minutes or so, but once I figured it out the 5K results went rather smoothly.  It turns out that the software does not like it when you enter a first name without a last name.  And, on the spreadsheet it is hard to tell when you have accidentally put the first name and last name in the same block because it overflows into the next block….

hmmm, what would the software do if, say,  Madonna wanted to run?

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