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Christmas Eve Workouts, Thoughts on Christmas Day

Since it was Monday, and I had no classes to teach, I was able to go to Clay’s clinic for some strength training. Clay had me do his “WOD10”  He has been posting cryptic workouts like this in his blog, but I am now just figuring out what they mean. WOD10, WOD20, and WOD30 are all the same thing with different reps of each exercise, 10, 20, 30. So after a warm up and 1000m on the ski erg in 4:18, I did 10 pull ups on the px90 bands, 10 medicine ball slams, 1 lap band walk, 1 lap monster walk, 1 lap inchworm, 10 val slides per leg, 10 push ups and 10 more val slides per leg. A WD20 would double everything, and a 30 would triple it…

After these we did some step ups, medium height with some pretty heavy weights in each hand. While I did these Clay did step ups without weights at a much higher height. Then we switched. Then we went outside and used the heavy duty resistance band to pull each other around the parking lot a bunch of times…. Fun stuff…

From there I headed over to Marie Kerr park for a run with my Hillview kids. We did a version of my Marie Kerr Park Hill Sprints. We run over to P12 next to Highland and do short sprints from there up p12 and left up the access road to the aqueduct overlooking Elizebeth Lake rd. Today each sprint was 20s. It took us 9 reps to get to the top. Then we ran over to the shorter steeper access road directly behind Highland, the one marked off every 10m, the one only 100m long, the one we call Diablo dash.

I devised a new way to torture them here. We broke the hill into 40m segments. We dashed up 40m and walked down 30m, then up 40, then down 30, and so on. Thus it took us 7 very steep hill sprints to get to the top.  I was pretty well “done” by the end of these two workouts….

I write this on Christmas morning. We have company that slept over, but they are not up yet. The house is quiet as I anticipate a blessed day.  Christmas has always been a special time for me. As a kid, of course, it was presents, and family gathering with some time for recognition of why we celebrate. Jesus’ nativity scene was always there. Church worship was always there. As I have become older, the family celebration and even the presents remain a fun and special part of the holiday.  But I also become more and more amazed at the implications of Christ’s birth. I understand and believe that His birth put in motion His plan to offer me forgiveness.

Lately, though this cosmic thought of God in a human baby just keeps amazing me. He was God. The same God that preexisted the universe. The God, that, in my classes when I teach about the Big Bang Theory, which is one HUGE scientific effect, without a scientific cause, I make sure to define. The God who by definition must have eternally existed, otherwise whatever existed before him and created him would be the real God. The God who by definition preexists space, time, matter and energy AND is able to create all of those things from nothing. (Science has no other explanation of how these things came into existence.) So, that God put himself into a cell and impregnated a human woman. That God became a human baby, with human arms, human legs, human eyes, a human heart and a human brain. He had human hunger, and human thirst. Sometimes I try to imagine what the human brain, in the human baby and small child went through figuring out that it was God. The Bible says that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature. Baby Jesus did not come out of the womb and turn to Mary and tell her “good job!”  He had to learn to speak and learn to walk and learn to read.  Did he have to learn to share with his friends?  By the age of twelve He was so wise He was teaching in the temple……   Someday, I hope to ask him more about those first 12 years.


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  1. Kendall follows our blogs, she read this post to the family on Christmas morning. God is truly amazing! I have also wondered about those first few years and how Mary and Joseph were able to ‘raise’ the King of the Universe. The one who knew his parents before the parents were born. Thanks for posting this.

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