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Sort of tapering week….

Wednesday, I ran easy, as mentioned in my last post.

Thursday, I had planned on a 5 mile tempo run. But, then I thought again and decided not to run any tempo miles due to my race plans for next week. So Clay met me at bouquet canyon and the pacific crest trail. A little ways up the trail he challenges me to make it to the turn around point in under 30 minutes. Then he took off  up the trail ahead of me. This was a tough stretch of trail and I was forced to power walk on a few occasions. At the half way point, he had stopped to give me an update. I was behind, but the upper part to come, would be less steep and I could make up some time. He took off ahead once again. He was waiting at the top. I finished around 29 minutes. So, the tempo run I had cancelled had become a trail tempo run. 29 minutes of sustained hard effort up a hill, is certainly as good as 4 + miles of flat tempo running.  On the way back, after we got to the bottom of the steep part, there was some uphill. Clay got a bit ahead once again, so I went back into Tempo mode to catch him. I figure I did another mile worth of Tempo running on the way back.

Friday, I met the Hillview group over at Marie Kerr Park for an easy run. We added some partner tortures to it so I got in some easy core conditioning and a few fast strides…

Today, Clay and Dave met me on the Pacific Crest Trail once again. We did an “easy” 5 out and 5 back. Clay did a lot of filming with his new Gopro video camera AND with his old Cannon. I look forward to seeing what he posts.

Here are the two videos he made:


I will be off to San Francisco soon to visit with my daughter Annie. While there, I plan on getting in a race. At first I was planning on a late New Year’s Eve 5k in San Rafael. Instead, though I have opted for a 10k on New Year’s morning in San Mateo. It is less than 10 miles from our hotel by the airport. It is advertised as flat and fast. It does not begin till 10:30 so I will have time to get up and eat a little and get to the race.  It should be fun.

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  1. Good job on your trail runs. I’m looking forward to reading about your San Francisco trip. Good luck in your New Years Day 10K!

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